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Texas Deregulation

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History of Texas Deregulation
Did You Know?

November 2002:

Texas' Electric Plan Best in the Nation

June 2002:

More than 50,000 businesses have switched providers

January 2002:

Undecided were automatically switched to their utilities affiliated retail energy provider (AREP)

January 2001:

Mandated deregulation becomes effective in Texas

June 1999:

Gov. George W. Bush Signed Senate Bill 7
  • Texas is one of 18 states that have initiated electricity competition.

  • Texas' approach to restructuring its electric market is the best in the United States according to a study in November 2002

  • For a list of deregulated cities in Texas click here.


Additional Information on Deregulation

Understanding deregulation and how it can benefit your business is the biggest challenge facing consumers. Unfortunately concerns about reliability issues, and misinformation regarding actual savings have created a great deal of confusion. There are a number of myths in the market that consumers need to be aware of before making an informed electricity decision.